Work TableEdit

The worktable is the crafting grid on which all machines must be crafted, with the exception of the Blast Furnace and the worktable itself. Simply use it as an ordinary crafting table. To actually craft the products, give it a redstone signal or click the item in the right hand side. The workbench is also used to recharge spring-powered tools. Simply put a new spring and the tool in the left slot, and take the products from the right. Unlike a crafting table, the workbench stores its contents.   

Required to craft any machines. If you wish to change this to allow regular crafting tables to craft machines, change the following line in the config to true: B:"Crafting Table can Make Machines" = false.

When transferring held charge from a spring to an item, the spring will only transfer up to its current capacity. Meaning that trying to use a 16 kg spring on an item with 32 kJ will do nothing, and using a 32 kJ spring on an item with 16 kJ will bring the item up to 32 kJ and the spring down to 16 kJ.

When a redstone signal is applied to a work table that has a valid recipe, it will craft ALL that it can, regardless of how many items are there. It will not leave one arrangement behind to act as a template, making automation of machine production harder. You must also have the GUI open, or else it will not craft. The type of redstone signal used does not matter; it will craft the machine twice every time you open the GUI.