Wind TurbineEdit

The wind turbine uses wind to generate rotational power. Due to the low density of air, it does not generate much torque (only 4 Nm), but its design allows it to rotate at the rather rapid speed of 1024 rad/s, producing a total of 4.093kW at max efficiency. Note that the efficiency of this engine is only maximized when it is high up and out in the open. Objects and blocks can obstruct the blades of this engine.

  • Torque: 4 Nm
  • Speed: 1024 rad/s
  • Power: 4.096kW
  • Power Source: Wind
  • Requires Consumables: No
  • Risks: Spinning Blades
  • Notes: Requires 16 blocks of free space in front of the blades, optimal efficiency at 128 m altitude