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The Turbine Generator

The Turbine Generator is a large 5x10x5 multi-block structure, that converts shaft power to Thermal Expansion RF (Redstone Flux). Unlike Rotational Dynamo, this multiblock structure can accept a massive input of shaft power. However, this multiblock structure only works if it's connected right into a Steam Turbine or a High Pressure Turbine

Construction Edit


The Construction, View #1


The Construction, View #2

The Turbine Generator is a 5x10x5 multiblock structure, and needs the following to create:

  • 135 x Generator Housing
  • 17 x Steam Bypass
  • 9 x Generator Rotor Core
  • 56 x Generator Rotor Winding
  • 1 x Turbine Generator Block

Top-down viewEdit


Top-Down View created by a reddit user /u/swtich