The Pulse Jet Furnace is a more powerful variant of the furnace that smelts with Jet Fuel instead of fire. it needs water to cool down as well as high shaft power. It uses different crafting recipes than a normal furnace.  

Crafting Edit

Pulse-jet-furnace crafting

To craft the Pulse Jet Furnace, you need:

Requirements Edit

Requirement Port Amount Problems
Shaft Speed Input Below 131072 rads/s Too little - won't smelt
Water Sides (liquid pipes) max. 3000 m^3 Too little - overheat
Jet Fuel Sides (fuel line) max. 8000 m^3 Too little - won't smelt
Temperature When active 873° C

max. 1000° C

Overheat - explode in flames

You will also need to be wary of its nearby surroundings, as it sets fire to nearby flammable objects at high temperatures.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Ingredients Product
Obsidian Blast Glass
Tungsten Iron ingots used for that
Inductive Metal Blend Inductive Ingot
Tungsten Carbide Flakes Tungsten Carbide Ingot

It can also smelt iron, steel, gold, and diamond tools and armor to their respective amounts of iron, steel, gold, and diamonds. This also includes rails, buckets, doors, flint and steel, minecarts, couldrons, and shears.