Hydrokinetic EngineEdit

The hydrokinetic engine converts the energy of falling water into shaft power. Note that this machine can only rotate counterclockwise, and therefore the waterfall must be positioned accordingly. Additionally, adjacent blocks can obstruct the paddles from rotating. Finally, this engine's power output is dependent on how far the water is falling. A 3-block fall will produce minimal power, but a 64+ block fall can produce 2048 Nm at 256 rad/s, the highest torque of any engine, totalling 524.288kW. These engines can also be chained, adding their torques together. 

  • Max Torque: 2048 Nm
  • Max Speed: 256 rad/s
  • Max Power: 524.288kW
  • Power Source: Falling Water
  • Requires Consumables: Lubricant
  • Risks: Spinning Paddles
  • Notes: Requires tall waterfalls to acheive full power

When these engines are chained together and a lubricant hose is connected to the first one in the line, the lubricant will flow through to the rest of the engines. The lubricant use is very low, using only 1 mB of lubricant every 4 seconds, making this a very easy to maintain engine.