Gas TurbineEdit

The most powerful engine of all, the gas turbine is a monster, outputting power comparable to that of an engine of a commerical jet airliner...and with sound to match. These engines will, when fuelled, provide 1024 Nm of torque at 65536 rad/s (67.109MW). Be warned, unless you want to find out what it feels like to go through a blender, stay AWAY from the front of this one while in operation! Neither you nor your engine will fare well.

  • Torque: 1024 Nm
  • Speed: 65536 rad/s
  • Power: 67.109MW
  • Power Source: Jet Fuel
  • Requires Consumables: Jet Fuel
  • Risks: Ingestion; Possible violent failure if damaged

The gas turbine uses extra fuel when accelerating to its speed of 65,536 rad/s. Keep in mind that until it reaches this speed, the fuel meter's remaining time display will be innaccurate for how much time it actually has left, as it uses the current fuel consumption rate to calculate the remaining time. When the maximum rotational speed is reached, it will accurately display how long your turbine will continue running with the amount of fuel it contains.