The Central Permanent Magnet is the center multiblock structure in a Tokamak Fusion Reactor. This spins the plasma around a series of Toroid Magnets to cause Nuclear Fusion



ReactorCraft Fusion Reactor Build Tutorial-0

ReactorCraft Fusion Reactor Build Tutorial-0

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As with most multiblock structures, there is one set way of building the Hub. Note that the Central and Auxiliary Permanent Magnet have the same texture from above. 

The general structure of the layers is a wheel flat on the ground, with a 3x3x2 center, 6 block long spokes, and a 3 block thick ring.


The first layer.

First LayerEdit

  • 20 Ferromagnetic Bases
  • 28 blocks of Magnetic Linkage

The horizontal and vertical parts of the ring are 7 blocks long. The center 5 blocks are Ferromagnetic Bases. The rest of the wheel is Magnetic Linkage.


The first and second layer.

Second LayerEdit

  • 1 Solenoid Magnet
  • 8 Solenoid Hubs
  • 40 Hysteresis Rods
  • 20 Central Permanent Magnets
  • 28 Auxiliary Permanent Magnets
  1. Copy what you did from the previous layer with this one, using Central Permanent Magnets for the center 5 blocks and Auxiliary Permanent Magnets for the rest of the wheel.
  2. Place the center with 1 Solenoid Magnet.
  3. Surround the center with Solenoid Hubs.
  4. Build 8 spokes from the center to the wheel with Hysteresis Rods.

All 3 layers.

Third layerEdit

  • 20 Ferromagnetic Bases
  • 28 blocks of Magnetic Linkage
  1. Copy the first layer.
  2. Place a 3x3 square of
Solenoid Hub

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