Blast FurnanceEdit

The blast furnace is the main way to make steel. Simply supply carbon (in the form of coal) at the middle-left, gunpowder at the bottom-left, sand in the top left, and fill any or all of the middle nine slots with iron ingots. Heat the machine to 600C to start the alloying process. The machine will operate more efficiently with more slots full of iron, and will give higher bonuses (up to a 49% chance of a bonus with size up to 100% (11% chance). Note that the coal is not fuel - an external heat source is required.

Requires: Coal/Charcoal in left slot, gunpowder in bottom-left, sand in upper-left Iron in middle slots 

Bonuses: Chance increases as the number of filled slots rises, max 50 percent

Max bonus size: Increases as the number of filled slots rises, max 100 percent  

XP per steel ingot: 0.60

Notes Edit

  • Items can only be pumped into the main grid if there's already an item of said type inside of the slot.